Wednesday, August 24, 2011

University of Battambang

The Faculty of Sociology and Community Development offers 4 majors including Sociology, Economics, Law, and Community Development.
The mission of Faculty of Sociology and Community   Development is to develop and apply knowledge to aid social and rural decision makers in addressing social and economic issues through integrated research and educational programs that enhance incomes and qualify of life in Cambodia.  The faculty offers teaching programs covering a wide variety of topic areas in sociology, law, economics, agricultural economics, and rural studies.  Its research mission focuses on social and rural issues, the production and distribution of agricultural products, the use of natural resources and the needs of rural people.
It is currently composed of Department of Sociology, Economics, Law and Community Development.
UBB has developed a University-Community Partnership Program through which students are given opportunities to work closely with communities in its reference villages.
At the completion of the study, students will acquire the competency to work both with private and public institutions including national and international companies or enterprises, governmental sectors and national or international non-profit organizations.

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